Crumbs to Bricks
Dat Boy Grace
Слова песни One Luv Two Thugs, Dat Boy Grace

One Luv Two Thugs

Альбом Dat Boy Grace — Crumbs to Bricks

[Hook - 4x]
From dope game smuggler, to poetic hustler
One love two thugs, see mama prayed for us

Said your prayers spoke my name, before my life done changed
At one time to get in the game, but now I'm having thangs
Legalized the bigger picture, what I'm focusing on
On a mission for what you wishing, getting my grind on

I'm on my grind finna shine, fresh off lock getting mine
I did my bid and my time, now God is showing me signs
I never reign I'll retire, because this game is so deep
Mama told me get off your ass Wood, get on your feet

I feel the pain when you cried, told me a part of you died
When I got caught with hands dirty, apprehended to drive
See the ship like Flip, when your free boy got locked
But your praying for life saving, never did once stop

I need some love but the judge, got a grudge against thugs
My fo' of bub' plus the drugs, acting bad at the club
Candy and swang and I aim, red beam protected
My million dollar mob, we Southwest connected

[Hook - 4x]

Never once stopped loving me, and to this day my backbone
Down with me when I'm broke busted, call dead to the roam
Mama did it you the realest, put it down so you could hear it
Communicate the poetry, making sure that you feel it

Mama prayed everyday, seems I was raised to be made
Broads get laid boys get sprayed, I'm all about getting paid
Turn down my collar that's it, I can't be missing a lick
Soaking up game from the rich, and I'm breaking bread with my click

If it don't make dollars don't make sense, and what I said must repent
Make a mistake and learn from it, don't forget where I went
What I had what I made, what I lost what I took
Up and down repercussions, in the life of a crook

Peddy scheme buster, cheddar cheese smuggler
Triple beam hustler, promethazyne guzzler
Feddy green struggler, act mean mugger
I'm a heavyweight, cream juggler

Up's and downs no one around, turn my smile upside down
My family there for me, when I need help off the ground
Mama Mia old man, Sonny's mama and my brothers
Couple down forever partnas, with A-B-B's on the other

Where was you at, when I was down on my ass end
Even though it's past tense, you trying to see when we cash in
Smashing and mashing, so watch my glass in
I ain't capping what's happ'ning, I'm tailgating Grace up in that black Benz

Funny handshake, playas hate they smile telling lies
They see us backstabbing, jealousy on the rise

My enterprise wise guys, we from the city of the bayou
Los Luchiano a fly though, and he mashing in a Tahoe

[Grace & Wood]
One mission one team, two thugs same dream
One target two beams, three slabs fo' screens
Five hoe three hoes, two mo' at the do'
We came a long way baby, and still got far to go - 3x

[Hook - 4x]