Ruff, Rugged & Raw
Double XX Posse
Слова песни Money Talks, Double XX Posse

Money Talks

Альбом Double XX Posse — Ruff, Rugged & Raw

Make money money
Make money money money
(Make money money
Make money money money)

[ VERSE 1: Sugar Ray ]
The money talks, and everything's about money, without a question
So if you're not holdin, then get to steppin
Cause nowadays it's hard with no money to stay alive
Some people might do anything, it goes with the will to survive
But just as long as your pockets are full of dough, it's all good
And that's the way it is inside the hood
My mind is on my money, yo, and I don't have a second to waste
I'm workin hard tryin to save and fill up my safe
Before I die, I want a mansion and a Lamborghini
A bank account so fat that Donald Trump would wanna be me
I got my mind made up, and nothin's gonna change how I feel
Cause ooh-wee, I love money

[ VERSE 2: B.K. ]
Yo, life ain't nothin but snitches and dough
Ain't got no love for a snitch, but I love me some cash flow
I like to keep my pockets swollen
My bank account stack real fat, and my little stash pot holdin
Cause yo, I'm all about ends
Cause when I had no ends, I had no friends, and no type of skins
With no dollars I had to strive, I even tried
(What?) To go out, and get me a 9 to 5
But now a brother got grands
And peoples be like fams
"Hey yo, B.K., yeah, that's my man!"
I guess that's how that shit goes
(Aight) But from the nine on I'mma let you know
Yo, I'm gettin money

[ VERSE 3: Sugar Ray ]
They say that m-o-n-e-y's the root of all evil, but I can't tell
I know this brother now that's livin swell
He's got the finest women in the world you ever saw
Ridin all on is dick and damn near knockin down his door
I guess that goes along with havin dough, and yo, it's funny
Cause no one never knew my man until he had some money
But now he drives a Lexus and he's got more bacon than Michael Jordan
So people treat him like he's important
And it's good to see that, cause I believe that
A person gettin lucci, get the props he deserves without feedback
But dig, be smart about the way you choose to use it
And spend your money wisely, or you could lose it

Double X back in the house gettin g-money
You know what I'm sayin?
I'm Sugar Ray, And I wanna say peace
To my Strong Peoples the Coalition out there in Killtown
And we out