Can You Feel Me
Dru Down
Слова песни Head & Shoulders, Dru Down

Head & Shoulders

Альбом Dru Down — Can You Feel Me

[Dru Down]
Ha-hah, yeahh, this for the ladies
I know they didn't think Dru Down
Was gonna leave em out like that there
Give me head, move them shoulders
Look at them hips, open them legs
Give me sex
Hah, I'm still baggin em

Chorus: repeat 2X

Head, shoulders, hips and legs
Oh baby work that body like you're havin sex

[Dru Down]
Can you baby?
Would you baby?

Do the, splits, I bet you in bed you put in dicks
The way you move, you got Dru Down overruled
You're like a rubber band with stretch pants
I never seen you befo', on my flo', doin that type of dance
Booty shake (WHOO!) and then you broke it down to butterfly
(Don't hurt them toes!) I might want you up in some pornos
Two other freaks walked up with that look, got off the hook
On the ground, hella fools stuck, throwin bucks but scare to touch
(But what fo'??
They wouldn't be here, half naked, at the after hours pants throw)
And goin solo, that's why the people playa over here in Polo
Ah with the RoRo, and what they don't know
I do this for a livin, it's Hill-in, ah watchin a freak dance
Expressing sexual feelings
And if they really off the hook I'm climbing up the ceiling
But won't wet my pants, that might take a slow dance
Yeah.. real slow.. major slow.. now dig that!

Chorus 2X

[Dru Down]
Now I got one on my back and one in the front
Gettin smashed like a sandwich, but I can manage
Ain't no damage, let it be known, I'm from the Town
And broke it on down on they ass, don't get mad!

(Ah nah, you gonna have to get off me now)
(Yeah, you doin a little bit too much)
Hold on, I mean what?
(It ain't even all that)
(That's it, that's all baby)
Like that?
(My feet hurt, take it on elsewhere)
(Don't touch my butt)
Ay ay, so baby, where y'all goin?

But like some bees in a pack I'm deadly swarmin
Once I bump em in the ring
I'm knockin it out like champ George Foreman
Whip that on me like you whipped it on that dancefloor
What's wrong, that head shoulder lips and legs sore?
Give me some head girl, move them damn shoulders!
Wiggle them hips, open them legs, give me sex (What you say?)
Give me some head girl, move them damn shoulders!
Wiggle them hips, open them legs, give me sex

Chorus 2X

[Dru Down]
For real doe.. you know what I need?
I need a freak, ah with a body that'd shake just like Jell-o
I got game, I start my convo with "Hell-low"
And let it known that there's more where that come from
(Like what?) A true philosophy, like a gut sprung
And then they wanna come to the crib
Start undressin, wanna teach a lesson
Just for spittin, a dibba dabba doo, in her ear
That was practice for the Pimp of the Year
I'm Dru D-Nex, ain't no stoppin, I'm P poppin
When I'm off of the Tanquerays I'm ridin
It surprises me, this lady bought me a strawberry daquiri
I turned around she's stickin and lickin that long tongue at me
But how a mack be, is like this -- straighten yourself up
Then roll, and don't forget to walk with a limp
Hit the table, made her proper pick a flow
I didn't know her name, but I had her in pain

I mean I had her FREAKY
I mean I did exactly what I wanted to!

Chorus 2X

[Dru Down]
Yeahhh baby!
The whole point is you work that body baby!
Like you havin sex
This is rated V.D
Pimp Playa O.G
P-I-M-P-I-N, G in me
Understand me though, y'know? Dig