Can You Feel Me
Dru Down
Слова песни The Game, Dru Down

The Game

Альбом Dru Down — Can You Feel Me

Yeah, C&H, kicking it with my nigga Dru Down
Spitting some of this game
The way the game goes
The closest some of you niggas got to a real ho is HBO
So sit back and listen to the way it went back in the day
This game is not an adventure
So when you stake your claim, do it in the name of the game
Back in the 80's true niggas claimed the game
Today you have a bunch of lames who have butchered the game
There ain't no real play
When you make your own rules around the way
Niggas that sin, they were sent to the pin
A lotta said they didn't, I seen them in San Quentin
A nigga put a ho to the test
If that bitch fail or slip, we put that bitch on the pimp arrest
A nigga had Mary on Gary, Ms. Chow on Pow
I'm sure pimps will agree, that pussy is a public necessary
Like beer and wine, it will sell any mothafucking time
A true pimp is never out of socket
Cause he keeps his mothafucking dick in his pocket
Now check this out, come here my dear
I'm like christmas, bitch, I only come once a mothafucking year
If the bitch runs off and I catch her alone
I will charge that bitch for every mothafucking day she gone
Back in the 80's there was a lotta pimps on the ball
I used to drop bitches off in mothafucking U-halls
All across the nation
We was giving hoes middle medication
So all you suckers, that thought pimping was a disaster
It was only for a chosen few that could master