Cali Kings Mix Tape Vol. 1
Cali Kings
Слова песни Cali Kings, Cali Kings

Cali Kings

Альбом Cali Kings — Cali Kings Mix Tape Vol. 1

The first up on the mic, is my homeboy Xzibit

[Verse One: Xzibit]
Now if it wasn't for the west
These rap niggas wouldn't need a vest around they chest
Keeping busting about, where you rest
And what you own, and what you drive
So the day some niggas come for you I'm really not surprised
Mr. black Bruce Willis
Please don't kill us
I show mercy like Kevorkian
Like a scorpion
I sting you from behind and put it in you
Meet me at the venue, put you on the spot to put you on the menu
Fricassee MC
I be the one that keeps the pistols hot
Xzibit living life, like a bull inside a china shop
Stripping everything cause you ain't even got a dime to drop
Go ahead and call the cops, you ain't said nothing
Jerry Spring you out the studio
Then Suge Knight you to the parking lot
Niggas ain't ready for all the shit we got
Picture yourself crushing Xzibit with your tough talk
That's like Christopher Reeve doing a Crip walk

[Hook] {x2}
Cali kings is fresh out the box
Yeah, straight up, night on the rocks

[Verse Two: Tash]
Now who goes?
Is it friends of mine or foes?
If it's friends I let 'em in, if it's foes it stays closed
I prepare to blast hoes
Cause the shady foes is lethal
I'm peeping through my peephole
They sneeking up on Rico
Bu Rico got a pistol
Nasa got a missile
The Likwit got too drunk so now the party is official
I bounce to the edit, still set it with bad credit
Got a wack-ass record deal but I signed before I read it
But don't regret it, everything is copastetic
When the water's getting deep you can drown or you can tread it
[?] with finesse, like my niggas kids and Quest
Anywhere the Likwit walk, we get props, we taking less
So, don't touch that stereo
Or your people will becoming to your burial
The [?] Tash, I'm here to blow it through the roof
I snatch the money and the hoes and disappear like poof


[Verse Three: Defari]
Yo it's Defari with Baka Boys, rings and Cali Kings
I've never been the one for Police but like Sting
Every breath you take and every move I make
Shot heard around the world from the golden state
I'm off the ringer with mine, you Jerry Springer with yours
You hit and miss like a bitch, I knock your teeth out your jaw
You hold your mouth you're in shock
Defari known to blow spots
Baka Boys ain't no toys so bust this on your block
I hold it down in the crowd for Cali Kings
H.I.P.H.O.P. no sing thing
Blaze your tape, my name should be Record Crate or Vinyl Plate
Green trees roll into tobacco papes
Who would believe Baka Boys with Defari
And like Primo and Guru You Know My Steez
Big shot to the city in the valley, Cali Kings
Likwit Crew coming through, Defari Heru
Cali Kings, Cali Kings