Homey Don’t Play!
Слова песни Out’cha Mind, Esham

Out’cha Mind

Альбом Esham — Homey Don’t Play!

The Devil's Groove, the Devil is back
Esham, the U-N-H-O-L-Y right on track
And I'm taking it to the max
("Now my religion is reality.")
So don't ask "Yo, Esham what's up? You got to bust one!"
U-N-H-O-L-Y load the shells to my shotgun
Suckers come get some
From the one that hits them
Kidnap your mind and hold it for ransom
Suckers are scared cause no one dared so beware
You fell asleep playing my tape and woke up with grey hair
The U-N-H-O-L-Y comes in for a second
So watch my magic tricks as I light up a candlestick
I'm somewhat a magician but I'm more of a witch
Can't pull a rabbit from my hat but I can pull a bitch
I'll pull a rhyme from a sleeve and make you believe
That I'm the greatest thing alive since Adam and Eve
I gave life to the rhythm and I made it breathe
And if you're scared of my performance I suggest you leave
You see I flow wild
But still meanwhile flowing is my freestyle
I get loose with style
Then I profile
Grab the mic and say a rhyme with no smile
And like a ghost I'll
Kick the Wicketshit, Some Old Wicketshit
Got the funky shit for you to move
The Devil's Groove
The U-N-H-O-L-Y, I wrote it
Suckers don't sing along, you'll die if you quote it
Unbelievable, believe what I said
I got what it takes to make your mind drop dead
A homicidal, vital recital's what I recite
The suckers get suicidal in sight of a mic
I got the crazy, insane mind of a lunatic
Manipulate your mind and make you rhyme like I'm doing it
This is beyond reality, I'm no joke
The Unholy is in the house so smell the smoke, you choke
My rhyme has been bitten but your forgettin'
The U-N-H-O-L-Y did what others didn't
I'm hittin'
I'm Esham, totally unexplainable
The U-N-H-O-L-Y inside me is like an animal
Can't be caged, in a rage on stage
As I read your mind I flip the page
As I enter your mind I find it's dangerous
If I slip on a lyric I know your brain'll bust
I rhyme for the stimulation of mental thinking
Some look at me as doctor for head shrinking
You see I'm thinking that I'm more than a man
Something more than reality
But you'll never understand
I entered the new wave and came with a new rhyme
The ones that didn't understand got a blew mind
I'm still going through your mind at the speed of light
Suckers "betcha bite a chip", and I know you'll bite
It's hard to swallow, you can't follow my path
If you're dissing what I'm thinking then feel the wrath
Of my madness
You see I'm never like another brother
("Suffocated under a pillow intended to smother!")
Play the instrumental as I get inside your mental state of mind
And bust a rhyme
Time will tell if I'm still raising Hell
I'll drive you like a hammer on a bed of nails
I'm like crack
And if you smoke me you're addicted to my speech
What I teach is out of reach, but each
And everyone of of you will learn from my way
What I do and what I say
Be real, learn to write what you feel
Almost out of time
Almost out your mind
But when I step out your mind, go back to being you
The ones that cop out, drop out, minds blew
Don't believe what you hear all the time
Esham and The Unholy
Out your mind