The Addiction
Слова песни That’s Survival, Fiend

That’s Survival

Альбом Fiend — The Addiction

Flat out the Addiction you heard me, yo yo yo
You are now tuned into reality TV, live from New Orleans
I'm gon take you home on this one, this for everybody
From the 3rd to the 17th, I'm gon let em see what they never saw befo'
The true gumbo, yeah feel me
Shit I ain't got nothing more to say, talk to em Fiend

You said you loved me, no matter if they scatter if I'm half of right
Dropped a whole clip in him, he won't be back tonight
Truth is, I ain't gotta be the killer
Lil' robbing the grenada, want the scrilla
And he got a mask, and he got a gun
And when he blast, he like to tell em where he from
Louisiana swamp nigga, translate into a hot boy
With a chopper in hand, will tell you what you're not boy
Bodies in the river, this ain't new
Just the highest murder rate, that we been through
Pressure on the G, put the medal to the scene
All adds up to pussy, gas pedals of a V
The devil don't want them souls, they too hot
Whoever knew, I'd live to see the big coupe drop
Take my girl, to the new mink shops
Prada's on my eyes, the cuff her what they blood shots
Presidential like the pounds just lit, let the drama lift
Give the cops unless they frowns, tell em that's what a baby mama get
You want money whole money, fuck slow money
All this here by us, what the fuck is your money
One brother from Jordan, one from 1-7
One from the St. Bernard, the other up in heaven
I don't give a fuck nigga, how hard you spit
Can't amount to my heart, this dope and this dick
And if you don't buy it, and they don't try it
Well I guess mo'fucker, I done found my nitch
Coke cooking in pots, same gas put the brokers in yachts
I'm the American dream, and if I'm not
Well something in conflict, like political nonsense
Number one head buster, with no conscience
My woman asks, baby when you gon sleep
In the same breath, asks me baby when we gon eat
This rap shit's slow, I ain't saying I'm too good for a regular job
I just don't, have the regular prob's
So motherfuck the eyes, I got permanent lawyers in three major cities
So by money, it's some feel me nigga