Electric Purgatory Part Two
Слова песни Keep It Live, Greenhouse

Keep It Live

Альбом Greenhouse — Electric Purgatory Part Two

[Hook] [x4]
Keep it live

[Verse One] [Blueprint]
Ha ha ha
I'm not supposed to be here
Came back from the future, different place, different time
A fallen star from the atmosphere
So it's only right that I aim high with the rhyme
My people tellin' me to blend in
But hidin' my gifts feels almost like I'm in disguise
So I sit back and witness
A nation ruled by those with dollar signs in their eyes
We 'bout to bring it to a swift end
Can't wait for the chance to chop 'em all down to size
A small army of the best men
Movin' in the thick of night, energized, organized
If we fight do we fight to win?
A head on collision, but I bet we all survive
They sayin' hip hop been dead
But even if is bring it back my man
And keep it live

[Hook] [x4]
Keep it live

[Verse Two] [Illogic]
Yo, yo
Diabolic fascination, platinum plated finger tips
Eradicating scenic routes what's status quo to feed the kids
Orthodox acceptance is rollin' where the carpet's red
Music is manipulated by what's sacrificing figureheads
See, we're the chosen, frozen in tomorrow's morning
Luring you with substance, bread crumbs to where the movement's forming
Everything changes, we stray from the predictable
We remain Weightless, those other individuals
Of manufactured melancholy they are probably champion
Stencil, "One size fits all lives" for you to lamp in
Ample examples are how to train red
Drafted in the game
But for the fame I'll take a rain check
All in together now, we refuse to forfeit freedom
If we fight for our rights, I hope the floor, it's
Never been as detrimental that we all survive
So the next time you're in your whip takin' a drive
Bump this and keep it live

[Hook] [x4]
Keep it live