The Brown Recluse
Слова песни Execution, Grimm


Альбом Grimm — The Brown Recluse

[Verse 1: Grimm]
Uh hun
It ain't like you don't know how it's done
Left for some, fifty hun, gone as quick as they come
First the money, then the power, heh
Then you get the guts
This time, like a great big pussy, just
Waiting to get fucked
Wasn't luck, cause the cut kept
Comin' up with cash, one
Gunnin', fuck it fast, some
Dumb enough to blast (Blast)
Any pimp
And he gon' tell you the same
Fendin' flame's all his game, boy, I swellin' ya reign
And I'm willin' the range
But them bitches ain't bustin'
Hatin' ass kick tricks like snitches, can't trust 'em
Switch and straight rushed 'em
Touched in the end
Sent some kin from the pen like
Dust in the wind
I bust when I can, never think of lookin' back
Got scratched, got slack
Brought straps, look at that
Crooked cat, took his macks, and went to flashin' it around
Now the bastard can't be found, and some blacks, they gone around

[Grimm] Because I pulled out my weapon, and I quickly start smashin'
A coco loco, man, I'm ready for some action
I look at my partner, simply say
[Grimm] It's just another execution
It's just another execution

[Verse 2: Rasheed]
City of drank, what up
Home of getting it crunk
We be crankin' it up
Tops drop
Trunks pop
On the cizzurve
Me and my locos be
Sippin' on some scissurp
Spinners on the cizzurb, swishas full of hizzerb
We don't give a damn
Hold up
Screwston, average county, with my killers all around me
Cheap in jail, jump to bail, meet the hunter with the bounty
Known as the Lone Star State
Home of the President, but
We be controllin' the weight
Makin' dollars, holler, holler, put the ten on the Impala
When the pistol pop, your collar drop more bigger than Kamala

Repeat Chorus

[Verse 3: Troublemaker]
Man, fuck this, fool, you better back that, rat-a-tat
With a big gat, how the fuck you gonna have
Pistol pack with the fuckin' thugs, sellin' joint, what's up, cous'
(???) enjoy ya buzz, you haven't hear who the fuck I was
Nobody does it like me with G, doin' that shit since '93
Only thugs forgot about me, fantasies to a reality
Casualities, what a tragedy, cause all that shit don't matter to me
Cause all that hatin' around my hood, treat like it was flattery
Assault and fuckin' battery, for all these fools that wanna plex
Shinin' and grindin' with the cash and checks, I don't give a fuck who we think is next
A Mexicano calls it wrecks, what the fuck you wanna do
I'm aggrevated til the day I die, certain about it, I'm jammin' Screw
That's what Dope House players do, well, I don't know about your crew
With everybody on my side, man, we comin' so true, comin' so real
With the style they claim, sing in the rain, double in slang, prove we gon' bang
Old sayin', ain't stop sayin', and I ain't playin' (I ain't playin')

Repeat Chorus