The Brown Recluse
Слова песни Smash That Trash, Grimm

Smash That Trash

Альбом Grimm — The Brown Recluse

Me and myself
How it is, dawg
Know what we do
Smash that trash
Come on, now
Here it go

(Verse 1)
I put my money where my mouth is
Still they wanna doubt this
Actin' like, they don't know where the dirty south is
I'm out this bitch, so
That's what I claim
Got my Glock and my clips, now, I'm back in the game
It's exactly the same as
When ya man left
Straight from the scene of the game Grand Theft
Now the same last breath'll be the one that'll save ya
Angel dumb blast all the rest of ya fables
All in your business
Who was the man just smashin' ya trash
Fasten your seatbelt, it's about to get rough
Don't gamble, don't bet
Don't call my bluff

Pre-Chorus 1: Grimm (Grimm & Uchie)
I'm on my cut, just countin' my cash
If you come short, gotta (Smash that trash)
Lookin' at a lady, said, "You got a nice ass"
She smiled right back, had to (Smash that trash)
Smokin' on a sweet, but my boy wouldn't pass
You ain't a quarterback, gotta (Smash that trash)
Don't make me pull my gun out for pumpin' out my blast
Johnny, tell 'em what I do (Smash that trash)

Chorus: Grimm & Uchie
Bang, bang
Smash that trash, keep it gangsta, mayne
Bang, bang
Smash that trash, keep it gangsta, mayne

Repeat Chorus

(Verse 2)
I've been grinding on 'em lately
Lining up the ladies
Looking at these labels where they findin' all these maybe's
Fade me
Naw, they don't even wanna try
Let them boys piss me off, put the bullet in the dot
Been a fooler than a rock, jump off in the pen
To the free on the streets
That's the cost for the wind
Not the boss, but the man that could make this shit happen
They gon' sit and blast til I say, "Quit cappin'
Actin' a fool
Do what you do
Slow down, screw," put my shoe on the fool
Thought you knew on the crew out the Houston, Texas
And soon, I'm a prove how them dudes is reckless

Pre-Chorus 2: Grimm (Grimm & Uchie)
Cruise my Lexus
Lights go to flash
Punchin' it quick, gotta (Smash that trash)
Talkin' to a friend, wrong questions asked
You can't think twice (Smash that trash)
You been doin' this, how long will it last
If it's lookin' bad, just (Smash that trash)
I'm a thug in the club, and the clique wanna clash
Johnny, tell 'em what I do (Smash that trash)

Repeat Chorus Twice

(Verse 3)
Now it's not like you don't know
How it's 'bout to go
Smash that trash, kick they ass up out the door
Get the stash, I got the flow, puttin' paper in my pocket
Dunkin' on 'em, somethin' like a player from the Rockets
Makin' all my profits
Lacin' it, properly
Meanwhile, I'm spittin' while your girl on top of me
Got to be, crazy
But that's me
You fool fugazi, I'm still that G

Pre-Chorus 3: Grimm (Grimm & Uchie)
If the kill pass me, and it be out my stash
Best believe, I'm a trip to (Smash that trash)
Get ya trick, ride home, drinkin' drunk, 'bout to crash
If I live through that, 'bout to (Smash that trash)
Then you got yourself involved, got a gun, got a mask
The only thing left is to (Smash that trash)
When you caught up in the cross, and ya boys don't act fast
Johnny, tell 'em what I do (Smash that trash)

Repeat Chorus Twice

Come on...