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Слова песни This Is Where It’s At, Havoc

This Is Where It’s At

Альбом Havoc — Hidden Files

Yeah, uh-huh
Got to feel it
This what I'm talkin 'bout

You know my style homey.. ain't nuttin changed
About me partner fuck wit me I got them flames
That'll spark you nuttin fuckin wit the same
I can charge it to the game without a dime to my name
Slide dick to your dame; no wasted time pickin her brain
She twistin the haze
You niggas housebreakin them broads, I set 'em free like slaves
After finessin a hoe, like I bead I lay
Believe you gonna hear that thang
Keep the thing-thing on me don't be fuckin insane
Hold the heat like a senior citizen with a cane
It ain't nothin to me, to let it lean on your brain
Keep playin, my crimeys deep in the game
You know the homies'll body you 'fore you even get your feet in the game
It's a shame how nobody would tell 'em
You speed in and I leave it leakin out of your melon
(Dead 'em)

[Chorus: repeat 2X]
Cause this is live nigga rap, you scared get a gat
Cause right now this is where it's at
We bring it to 'em live in the flesh, this as live as it get
Infamous not a gang, it's a clique (Infamous)

[Big Noyd]
I went from sellin crack to the users, to sellin rap music
I jumped in the Benz when I stepped out the Buick
I kept on the tears, just threw on some diamonds
My ear's to the street when my hand on the iron
I kept all my whores, when I got my riches
Until I went on tour, I deaded all them bitches
Cause I'm destined to shine, and everybody know it
They tell me all the time, cause everybody know it
I'm gangster with mine, but I ain't gotta prove it
Cause 99% of the time I'll shoot 'em
And that goes for anyone thinkin it's just music
This rap shit a hustle man, I'm the one to do it
Cause Noyd in the house, I'm from Queensbridge
Mention my name, chicks jump on the penis
Check this; I be like "Yo ma you ready to go?
Then c'mon - you smoke haze, oh you know how to roll?
Then let's go"