Boulevard Tour 2000 (Compilation)
Various Artists
Слова песни Represent the Brown, Various Artists

Represent the Brown

Альбом Various Artists — Boulevard Tour 2000 (Compilation)

{*knocking on the door*}

[Verse 1: A.L.T.]
Knock, knock
Honey, I'm home
Got the hundred spoke
Chrome on the brome
I'm sippin' crown and gettin' stoned
Got Jenny on the phone, and there's many that won't condone
A lady emcee
Gettin' 'em up with A.L.T
I want the fellas to throw they fist
Up through the the chronic mist
Got some scars on my knuckles
And a rolex on my wrist
And I'm pissed
I'm loadin' up this motherfuckin' tech
Full of sweat
(???) you with this fucking sound effect
Ain't you figured it out
See, I zeroed you out
And if you playa-hate the clique, well
Nigga you out
I got this hip hop shit
By the throat
With a tight whip
And I can keep my cool for a minute
But I might trip
And I'll blast this true
Right up through the old school
It's J.V
And A.L.T

[A.L.T.] What you wanna do
[J.V.] What you wanna do
[A.L.T.] See, I'm a
Represent the brown and I'm a tell 'em "Fuck you!"

[A.L.T.] What you wanna do
[J.V.] What you wanna do
[A.L.T.] I'm a represent the brown and I'm a tell 'em
[J.V.] What you wanna do
[A.L.T.] What you wanna do
[J.V.] I'm a represent the brown and I'm a tell 'em

Repeat Chorus

[Verse 2: J.V.]
Latin king and queen, platinum crown, golden throne
Kickin' rhymes hard as stone, whoopin' ass, snappin' bones
Flippin' rhymes to represent, til your speakers catch a dense
Breaking hard legs til I shake they confidence
It's only common sense, you have to face the consequence
If you man enough to step
To the bitch you up against
No coincidence, I'm on the ride while you collapsed
Cleaning to your rep., danglin' from my panny straps
Give a girl some dap, 'bout shake these suckers loose
I slap 'em handicapped and watch 'em beg for more abuse
Excuse the harsh behavior, but I just don't give a damn
So I'll piss some people off, so y'all remember who I am
Baby, ain't you heard, we be fucking up your plan
My name my mama would I put the squeeze on any man

[J.V.] So what you wanna do
[A.L.T.] What you wanna do
[J.V.] What you wanna do
[A.L.T.] I'm a represent the brown
And tell 'em "Fuck you!"

Repeat Chorus Twice

(Verse 3)
Time for pussy puddin', put it down for '99
Do or die, motherfucker
It's a thin line
Another sucker blind, then I make him see the light
I'm feeling kind of thuggish
Don't make me pick a fight
I rumble with dudes
And chicken heads alike
Don't play me for a weak chick
Sucker, I might
Have my right hand
To flip and start dumpin'
A.L.T., hit them off, with a little somethin', somethin'

I show 'em skill, all the way from Cypress Hill to Brazil
I need to chill
I think I popped a pill, on the real
Mellow out
Walk around with my head in the clouds
I cause riots and let the cops settle the crowd
I see some fists up in the air
And the colors of brown
I'm a piss up on the stage, I spark a leno and clown
What the fuck you think you doin' if you Chicano and down
I'm a tell 'em, "Fuck you!"
And represent the brown

Repeat Chorus Four Times