Ballin’ Outta Control
Слова песни Pimp of the Century, AMG

Pimp of the Century

Альбом AMG — Ballin’ Outta Control

With the mad funk..

AMG, on the go
Back on the motherfuckin microphone
It's the pimp of the century
So bitch pour the Hennessey!

(Aowwww) I got a new bone to pick
And hoes, I got a big bone to lick
And niggas been ridin my dick, like an Amtrak
Niggas thought I fell the fuck off, but the G's back
The dog from around the way
Uhh (L.A., Cal-i-for-ni-a)
And baby I bust 'em in
Hoodrats hoes can't even just ride the dick
And niggas been houndin me
I'll be out, they surroundin me
But never is they clownin me
And this ain't "Bangin on Wax"
But let me get straight to the facts
I ain't no blood or crip
But I got a Glock 23 with a couple of clips
And gold diggin hoes get the 22
(Buzzin) buzzin and you bug my crew

[Chorus 2X]

(Aowwww) I used to drink Olde E, now I sip Moet
Hangin with the jet set
And the hoes know my records sell (records sell)
So they all eat a dick up well
From state to state, they can't wait
For me to rock a show, then I'ma knock your hoe
Countin dates in my gated estate
(Ya fool) I got your girl naked in the pool
(Aowwww, hittin that indo) What?
(She just called her friends so)
So we can have a big Three's Company
Two big booties in front of me
Put my rubber on, before we get to humpin
Hit it from the back, like she stole somethin
Bust a big nut, then I'm snorin
Cause when the hoes get to talkin, they borin
And it's a shame, niggas fallin for the okeydoke
The whip appeal is a joke
And like I said, I'll be your personal 304
When I'm done, hit the do'

[Chorus 2X]

(Aowwww) I'm just a player on the run, havin fun
In the California sun, hit me one
And the leather and wood, I got my boys in the hood
And they ain't slippin while they grip trippin
Bumpin hoes and, baby if you're fly you're gettin chosen
I scoop a freak like you're frozen
And I like 'em when they got a little game
No drama, just a fly little hot momma
Ready and willin, big booty for the killin
(What what?) But don't be catchin no feelings
Cause a hoe is still a hoe, and I can't be witcha
If 20 niggas done hit ya, bitch
I got the 4-1-1, on your hoochie cootchie
Just a groupie, thinkin you can soup me
But you gotta be more than a trick tramp big booty hoe
To fade this nigga though

[Chorus 4X]