Ballin’ Outta Control
Слова песни Butt Booty Naked, AMG

Butt Booty Naked

Альбом AMG — Ballin’ Outta Control

[Hook: Pee Wee Flex] {x2}
I wanna get ya butt booty naked can I wreck it baby?
I wanna see your big booty naked can I wreck it baby?

[Verse One: Pee Wee]
Well I'm a big booty sticker
Honey dip licker
Baby you can try me if you want to trick a
I'ma do her from the backside and drive ya nuts
Spank you on the fanny while I'm digging out ya guts

They call me Mo Bee I bend ya over if ya lonely
I'm AMG and I'll be ya homie if ya bone me
I'm an expert
I'll make your body jerk
And if ya wanna flirt
I'll put that ass to work

[Pee Wee]
I'ma lay you on a mattress like a bedspread
And if it's that time of the month, baby use your head
A touchdown, a home run, another point scored
You might need some Tylenol from your head hitting the headboard

I'ma hit the hootie mack and hit the bootie crack
And if you want the big bootie smack, grab my nut sack

[Pee Wee]
Yelling out "Flexzure", now you got the feeling
Yo G this is Soul Train, I'm Don you Cornelius


[Verse Two: AMG]
I'm the big ding dong
King Kong
If you wanna bring your friend along, baby it's on
We can have a three company and while you're humping me
I'm a lone licker like porno flick

[Pee Wee]
Well I'm Flexzure I wanna sex y'all
Bump, hit the skins step back and let the coochie jump
Like a gang of brew when I'm like banging you
Have you screaming silly sounds and saying "oooooh"

If it's tight I'm right, if it ain't I can't
I'ma go up in ya till faint
Or until my nuts ache
Your legs in the air, booty everywhere
Call me Mr. Dairy Air cause right now I'm in there

[Pee Wee]
I be the pop wow, yippy I aye
With the rudest set, honey dip crack your legs
And be ready for the big backstroke
When the big jim pokes, wicked on the bed Pee ain't no joke


[Verse Three: Pee Wee]
I'm the freaky
Brother when you see me
Be ready to drop your drawers baby when you meet me
Wreck the panty poom poom
We gonna use the whole room
Pee Wee Flex [?] makes the booty poom

And all I wanna do is zomma zoom zoom zoom
And get ya butt naked in a hotel room
I like ya style
I'm making money by the pile
I make ya smile
I can stay a little while

[Pee Wee]
Baby you and I can catch a thrill
From the man with the big diznill
"Poon" is my nickname, game for a dame
I'm a freak in the sheets, Flexzure has no shame

Now in the bubble bath I make ya laugh
Baby with the champagne I got booty on the brain
So catch me like a lover not another
I lick ya from ya toes to ya dome
Daddy's home