Serious As Can Be
Big Mike
Слова песни The N.O., Big Mike

The N.O.

Альбом Big Mike — Serious As Can Be

[ VERSE 1 ]
I'm from that 17th N.O., just in case you didn't know
Nawlins Phats is the name I acquired
Tougher than barbed wire
With a hold on the game like grip pliers
The reason my predecessors retired
I'm a fool, don't let nobody tell you nothin different
As a youth I had my share of plenty ass-whoopings
For actin bad, most of my life was lived without a dad
Bein present, so by trial and error I learned my lessons
Within the streets I'm a blessing
Shinin light on all of those who would follow
Packin a strap full of hollows
Like Jesus walked on water I walk on broken bottles
In dimlit alley ways, gangsta is my bravado
God is my provider
I spit it with intentions to get you higher settin your soul on fire
No one can do it better than
Puttin phrases together like the Letterman
Word to K-Solo, I'm big, I throw bolos
Knockin niggas up on they asses
Hard ever since the days of cuttin classes
At JY where gutta muthafuckas stay fly
Starch Levis, cutthroat rules I play by
The gang's Affiliated, we runnin shit
On some other shit, trust you don't want none of this
Got ya sick throwin up, yeah, cause it's hard to stomach this
Truth that needs no proof, straight replacin your ignorance

[ VERSE 2 ]
Little child runnin wild
Tryin my hardest to get my foot in, rise from the bottom of the pile
Raised by Gert Town hounds, OG's who held me down
( ? ) got me to where I'm at now
I'm gutter down, my swag is g-like
Purposely stylin on motherfuckers who think that they can see Mike
I love no hoe
But I gots no problem lovin a real woman who gon' be that fa-sho
My mama always told me if she easy she ain't ready
If she greedy she ain't ready, so I'ma play her if she let me
I gotta do it, flow lethal like embalming fluid
Conducive to explosives when translated into music
I'm a ( ? ) word chemist cookin up toxic methods
Takin you way deep Into My Mind like Heather Headley
Lord please, place me into position to serve MC's
I'm in need, and I don't wanna go back to sellin ki's
Make an example out of all of 'em, they bluffin
They weak, without that materialistic flow - they gots nothin
Straight blown up, manufactured with no substance
Half-assed like a holiday turkey with no stuffing

[ VERSE 3 ]
I'm a living legend unlike Pac and Biggie
Whose fate was similar to our ancestors, know your history
Black against black
Ain't no slavemaster trickin, I ain't goin out like that
Ye though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death
I fear no evil under His wings of protection, I stay kept
Wakin up those who slept on me
They blind tryina walk in the dark without no one to say, "Watch your step, homie"
They hatin but I soar like an eagle on 'em
Fall back to the hood and then push that Regal on 'em
Uh, Southside still holdin
Grain-grippin, 30-inch chrome rims I'm rollin
Yeah, and for you jackers who wanna get me
You deserve to if you catch me in a souped up F-150
Movin swiftly on the Twin Span, N.O. bound
12's beatin out the ass with the windows down
Come on