Serious As Can Be
Big Mike
Слова песни Ride On, Big Mike

Ride On

Альбом Big Mike — Serious As Can Be

[ VERSE 1 ]
They sentenced me to seven years in the state penitentiary
Put me in the fields reminiscin African history
How could this be, a player like me locked down tight?
Wonderin if my homie had shot that kite
That night they fired on me, I was tryina get some sleep, man
Catch me some z's and these fools were creepin
I couldn't swallow that pill, though
Oh no not me, your nigga up outta that N.O
I got me a rental, smashed the gas, I-10 westbound
H-Town gon' be a mess now when I touch down
Flame on, had to burn 'em like napalm
Showin 'em I was the wrong cat to put they weight on
I'm from the old school, I hold court in the street
He's a beast, but he called the police
Had me sittin in the court room, name on docu first
Wishin that I coulda put it all in reverse
And that's on everythang

[ Chorus: Akon ]
Everybody wanna fake and pretend
Me I'm tired of goin in and out of the pen
And I'm done with disobeyin the law
One false move and I be back in the yard
If I had a choice I wouldn't do it again
I'd unload the clip and conversate with my friend
Now this thing shouldn't be that hard
I done lost my dog, now I'm fallin apart

[ VERSE 2 ]
Four years of confinement, bein still without peace
Got me back on my feet, man, I just can't be beat
Reconnect with my riders, focus over some business
Tie down some loose ends, fasten tight all my hinges
Calculated steps, yeah, we be takin them cautiously
He a buster, he ain't a G, he can't come talk to me
I keep my distance from him, focus solely on paper
They don't wanna see me with it, they won't see me with favor
So I'ma shine on 'em, hurt 'em all with success
Thought that I'd be a loser? Bitch, I'm one of the best
I'm from the gutter for real, me like so many others
Who know so much about it, and tryina get up out it
What I'm wantin they got it, I'm gon' get it, don't doubt it
Ask somebody about it, pivot to stay in pocket
Choppin and get it poppin, stop before my life roll past me
You know what I'm 'bout, no need to ask me why

[ Chorus ]