Something Sacred
Chino XL
Слова песни Stay in the Lines, Chino XL

Stay in the Lines

Альбом Chino XL — Something Sacred

It's take a little time to show the blind
Which way to walk in the dark, let my rhymes shine
Lyrics are a lost art, but still a love on mine
We can bring it to blood, Stay in the line
Stay in the lines, like a kid when he coloring
Stay in the lines, fuck you and who you running with
Stay in the lines, so I can get on some other shit
Stay in the lines..Stay in the lines...

[Verse One]
Every time I rhyme its history in the making dog
Ready to go to war like it's reverse Lebanon
Don't it make you happy when you hear Chinos on
Even if I had to dumb it down a little bit for that song
Man I still flush your head down a toilet bowl
Shoot you in broad day just to witness it was said "Sean Paul"
I figured out I save myself, I can't save you all
Proved it on the radio, I was star working with snoop dogg
"Chino you finally blowing up" you don't say
Shut you down like Jennifer Hudson do to Beyonce
My secret is, I don't give a fuck, "nah!"
My spit funky like James brown body is inside my pickup truck
Will I slap a motherfucker, don't asssk
Be up in your crib with a black ski mask
They try to hate me out the game like Dame Dash
But we pray it never happened like Aaliyahs plane crash


Yo, I try to get a grip on my emotions
Chino is def, I circle the heads of dying vultures
Inhaling breath, exhale sweat trying to focus
When Dr. Dre said I "Ill", hell of a moment
Asking god for atonement for my sins
Put Dj's on air literally out of windows for my spins
I got some commercial shyt, I had to feed my kids
Still give Mc's surgery like 30 Lil Kim's
Back when me Ras Kass where shipping in hamburgers
Writing thousands of bars, spiting planet murders
Before the game went so cooperate, shyyt
I should've chopped off my hand that writes rhymes and fuckin auctioned it
Man I spill flows that nobody smiles B
Then push release dates back like 50 did Style P
My features heater is higher than Whitney with a fever
Keeping niggas on in their toes like thug ballerinas

[Hook 3x]