All Over
Слова песни Raise Up The Levels, CMA

Raise Up The Levels

Альбом CMA — All Over

[Hook: The Grouch]
Raise Up The Levels cause stakes is high
You don't know when till you make a try
If you ain't pushin' then say goodbye
Cause you could die today [x2]

Today, tomorrow [x4]
Give thanks, give praise [x4]

[Verse One: Luckyiam.PSC]
I give thanks CMA think tank
What's the long face for like Lloyd Banks
We rank top notch
We hunger for more
We're finally in stores
Finally off tour
Long enough to cut an album
Bored with the bullshit
Blessed I don't lose sight of how we could lose this
In a blink of an eye
Life is too short to be living that lie
So here's my confession like I'm bout to, I'm bout to...[screaming]
Try is all I ever did and when
Even when I took a lost I was inchin' in
They could never hold us back I was with my friends
I mean it's all automatic once we grip the pencil
Insult intelligent
Kinfolk irrelevance
Get dissed
Get with the standard of elegance
We raise the bar high above and we hold weight
While they hold on the nuts and stay so fake


[Verse Two: Brother Ali]
Yeah I can arrange that
Give thanks that I ain't bang your brain back
Against your skull doctor cause I can change that
Last few years touring on the same track
Plus did the country with Lucky's stank ass (ha!)
Fire In The Eyes is what I opitamize
Got ride or die in the pit of my soul
And then I'm spiteful but I get it right though
And then you want to criticize bitch give me my doe!
I crawl out of my hole with a lot of my folks
If the whole rap business disintegrated
Keep your eyes on the Rhymesayers guys
And the L's cause we family orintinitated
And I gained your respect and it's not from a chain on my neck
But my chain of events
I offer my joy and my pain and the lens
And remain independent the same as the Legends
Stayed authentic to the same old essence
Learned from the past and obeyed all the lessons
Mastered the craft that came as a blessing
I do not kiss ass for nobody no exceptions


[Verse Three: The Grouch]
I give thanks for every minute on this planet
I live the length of life, provided I manage
To write my own script
Clone this god damn it
I'm gon dis
I wasn't shown shit but love
Now bring it back to when I was just a scrub
Sleeping on hardwood floors without a rug
Living that Thug Life without being a thug
Waking up hungry, yet guided from above
Despite smug comments I'm on it
My shit stayed honest I promise
I'll never fall the fuck off I want it
I'm gonna get it
That's as good as done did it
Go on hit it
It won't fall
You can't fuck with it at all
You can't go and get it from the mall
I lit it up, smoked it, now pass it around
As long as I live I live passionate now