All Over
Слова песни Good Side, CMA

Good Side

Альбом CMA — All Over

[MURS Speaking]
Yeah, yeah, yeah It's the motherfuckin' good guys
CMA. Conscious Meets Arrogance. Ha ha
But sometimes, your arms are too full
With the task at hand to pat yourself on the back
Give yourself a little bit of love
When you fight everyday to do what's right
In the midst of all the bullshit that's goin' on in this world
Then you gotta let the people know
That there are still decent human beings making music. C'mon!

You have a heart of gold
You love your family and it shows
I suppose it comes off through your flows
Treating your fans like friends at the shows
People know
People go, "Oh he's a nice guy"
He's considered affable
Now that's an attribute to add to you
You actin' new
But rappers don't
Cause after you's a captain of your crew you get the antidote
To add the votes
Pass the jokes when y'all approach the venue
Rappin' doe with passion, hope
Experience is in you
Mackin' pro is actual
Cause you be gettin' in through
Passin' through the velvet ropes
Of any club you been to
You got a voice that compliments the instrumentals
Plus the dental work is straight
So lady friends just ain't an issue
They miss you
All around the planet
Keep it private
While you be writin' raps at your house on your Sidekick
One of the livest in the live arena damn man
I wish you had a clone so he could be my fuckin' hype man
You quit smoking, you working out, you losin' weight fam
I know your daughters love you over all cause yous a great man
Duh {*echoes*}

All I know
You got a heart of gold
Now let the truth be told
Now that's all I know

When it comes to the subject of me
I believe, you are truly and utterly incapable of telling the truth
Especially, and least of all, about yourself

[The Grouch]
You don't steal
You don't cheat
You rarely lie
To understand the complex world, you got to barely try
Very high is your IQ
You give your praise in light to the almighty
Recognizing that He supplied you
They ride to your music but confide in you also
You recognize the balance and report strength and faults so...
Nobody hearing get's delusional
You stand for independence, peace and thinkin' unusual
Plus you're a family man
You take a bullet for your kinfolk
Keep your sanity and
Not even shoot back
Because karma speaks the truth
That's how much you believe
Plus what you've achieved in your profession
Leaves such an impression upon others
You got brothers all around the world
But one lover you come home to
You gone through the storm
Reshape the form
Scrape from nothing
Draped in substance

Oh yeah, plus you're a good ass cook and you pay in cash
You help your mother and got a wife tighter than Stacey Dash
You don't litter
You love the great outdoors man
Corey wasn't it you that taught Eligh how to use the ASR-10 dude?
I know all my friends, they think you're DOPE
You gotta hella LRG too man
You fitted


Oh fuck me. You gotta jock yourself sometimes
Cause nobody's gonna give you the credit that you deserve
Only you know how, how many sleepless nights
It took to get where you are and how much it really means
To take care of your family and be a man, and be faithful to your girl
When you be out you be seein' other bitches, you know...
But shit you don't have to tell her all of that cause it's all love and...
And you know what I'm sayin'? You don't need a pat on the back
For doin' what you're supposed to do
But sometimes you gotta pat yourself on the back
For doin' what you're supposed to do