All Over
Слова песни Fuel To The Fire, CMA

Fuel To The Fire

Альбом CMA — All Over

Interviewer: Fear works
Interviewee: Fear does work. You can make people do anything if they're afraid
Interviewer: And how do you make them afraid?
Interviewee: Well you make them afraid by creating an aura of endless threat

[Verse One: The Grouch]
Well what's wrong with America when
It sees a little skin, gets hysterical then
Heads overseas, point barrels at men
I can barely breathe man, you factor in
The manufacturing plants ain't plants
The medicine ain't bettering if veterans can't have a future
Sports are more important than troops
So teach your kids lies and pay them guys booku bucks to make baskets
She made a basket for a buck down in Mexico bastard
And that lasted about a pot of beans
We gotta lot of dreams like they got a lot of cream for ya
Epidermis and things, return of kings
Learn to sing
Don't floss your furnishings
That ain't saying nothing, you outta words
I ain't paying for Bufferin, that'll make conditions worse
Like the news, programs you and
Cows on steroids taste good too
Probably cause hemroids, how you fill them voids?
Pumping more fuel

[Hook] {x2}
Heat to the pot
Fuel to the fire
Cheat to the top
Ruled by a liar
Supersize all, live fat motherfucker
Give me that piece, get back you bench sucker

[Verse Two: Luckyiam.PSC]
I see my children addicted to TV like I was
Nickelodeon told 'em "Just climb up on the podium
You can be the president. Try."
But they never mention blood lines
Or which member of the Skull & Bones do they wish to have their home
Control of the office in the land that they stole
We buy G4s and G5s, they got the G8
And the world bank [?]
Say goodbye to your rights, say goodnight if you fight back
A bald eagle with the Patriot Act
And they chops facts into pieces of the truth
Mix it with the lies and then build it up for you
Add a white picket fence, apple pie, fast pitch
Baseball, actors and actresses lick balls
You can be the Governator
I really don't think that I'ma miss Ronald Regan