All Over
Слова песни Jane Is A Groupie, CMA

Jane Is A Groupie

Альбом CMA — All Over

Hahaha. This is dedicated to all the swinging secretaries around the world. Those hard working whores. It goes something like this...

[Hook] {x4}
"Jane is a groupie...ahh"

[Verse One: Luckyiam.PSC]
Happy birthday you're 18, ready to taste life
You graduated high school but college just ain't tight
You wanna study more but the party's non stop
Got deep into hip hop, several classes got dropped
But hey
You got a job so shows ain't a problem
Ordering CDs off the internet is solved
Cause John got 'em all and he thinks you're awesome
You often discuss all the groups that's popping
You value his friendship without the options
Your girlfiend's laugh cause they think it's nonsense
They listening to Kanye but stay unconscious
They just fuck frat boys and athletes with drama
We, on the weekly basis, pillow cases
Smeared with they faces
Y'all at different places huh?
Hip hop tour rolls into town
You and John roll down to the venue
Now y'all is chilling

[Interlude: Jane talking]
Oh really? Now, how does that make me a groupie? Groupie...what is that supposed to mean? I mean, I can't be a friend? I mean, I buy records. I listen to the lyrics. I'm just a fan. Yeah whatever. I don't get what that's suppose to mean. So...whatever

[Verse Two: Luckyiam.PSC]
A long line outside the venue no hopes of moving faster
The tickets cost a grip thanks to fucking Ticketmaster
The bastards at the door slow the pace like molasses
Y'all just wanna get in so y'all can find a place to snatch [?]
John spots a merch booth he can't pass on
Tells you he will meet you in the crowd by the stage front
Now you're all by your lonesome
Till a person invades your personal space with dialogue concerning
Some all access, backstage passes
But no guys allowed so what's John's chances?
Y'all came together but you don't want to pass this
Imagine if he had the same invitation handed
You tell yourself it's all good you didn't plan it
And disappear to backstage with drinks with the band aids
Now you're hammered and loose with the grammar
Then out go the standards
Hello, raise the banner it says...

[Interlude: Jane talking]
Alright, okay, so I got a little faded with some MCs. I mean...what? I didn't do anything I didn't wanna do. I mean...it's not like I do this all the time, okay? And...I had fun. Everything that happened was my choice. Soooo, it's not like I do this all the time. I am NOT a groupie

[Verse Three: Luckyiam.PSC]
There's a first time for everything you only live once, plus
You made that decision just a little bit drunk but
You kept it on the low-low cause even John don't know
And although you had fun, you felt like a (hahaha)
Jump and rush for the home run, no second or third base
A kind of new dude, you've been bumping his old tapes
Kind of felt the crew, you was jocking the cute face
Knew he was a bad dude but wanted the new...
Exception to the rule, this case
Who's the judge in case?
Reputations get ran through the mud
No way you'll fall in love
It's done, a hit and run
It ends where it began
It's cool you didn't want him, ummm
It's kind of like your homegirls and them athletes
Actually, it's the same thing happening
As you see, college life is a gathering
Of sexually active kids, running rampantly, huh

[Interlude: Jane talking]
Uh huh. Whatever, it is not the same. Don't try to compare me these little pom pom, rah rah girls...anyways. I'm just a fan. I'm in it for the music. Okay? Don't even try it. Whatever. I am not a groupie. Alright? Not a groupie